Specifically for upper respiratory issues. This formula ventilates the Lungs, soothes the throat, relaxes the Chest, gently dispels Phlegm, supports expectoration, replenishes moisture, rectifies Lung functioning, expels pathogens and bolsters the immune response.



  • Relieves phlegm,

  • chest tightness and wheezing, cough with sputum that is difficult to expectorate or increased sputum

  • Soothes paroxysmal, croupy or barking cough

  • Eases swelling and inflammation of the throat, bronchi, and lymph nodes

  • Chest tightness and wheezing

  • Maintains healthy respiratory function of children, reducing conditions aggravated or triggered by drafts, fatigue, cold or hot foods and liquids, fluctuations in ambient temperature or humidity, dryness or thirst.


Expertly crafted for nutritional respiratory support.


Designed for used by children and adults alike.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Chest Relief 1oz.

  • Platycodon root Zhejiang fritillary bulb Bamboo secretion Scrophularia root Chinese skullcap root Stemona root (honey fried) Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit Treated pinellia rhizome Poria Chinese licorice root Dried ginger rhizome Trichosanthes seed White mulberry leaf Pseudostellaria root Schisandra fruit Aromatic Solomon's seal rhizome Bitter orange immature fruit Perilla seed Magnolia bark Polygala root White peony root.

    Other Ingredients: Water 48% to 54%, Vegetable Glycerin 24% to 26%, Alcohol 10% to 12% by volume.

    To evaporate alcohol, place in hot water